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built on the soil of its predecessor, this marvel and the first no fly zone is the Euroasia’s latest breakthrough in industrialized city-states whose heart relies completely on the revolutionary centralized clock system from Sodyn, making your investments safe, your ideas realized, and your family immortal.
Thanks to the AI John’s research for opt-in family program, the revitalized members can now secure your social points by working in our facilities and remain an active citizen by acquiring charge points.

What makes Neosarayevo special is that the Sodyn clock system is fused with Hadden’s latest integral ai security system called simply - yes - yes is security, police, army, hospital, insurance, repair, recharge, a solution for any crisis. Because yes is what the city needs - positivity

Life goes on!

ares tonovic - Sodyn ceo

acquiring citizenships / remortemships applications as well as business batch hire systems for mindbodies can be found at sodyn websites.